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Metal Stamping & Assembly

Metal Stamping & Assembly

We manufacture and assemble metal stamped components suitable for applications in a number of industries, including automotive, industrial, military, as well as aerospace. Our capabilities include both progressive stamping and deep drawing services. Stamped components such as tapping plates, specialty clips, and tabbed weld nuts are manufactured from steel, copper, and aluminum. Tapping, threading, and plating are some secondary services provided for stamped components.

Components manufactured through our stamping process can also be assembled at our facility. As specialists in the production of threaded assemblies, we are equipped to weld or mate a range of fasteners to corresponding mating components.

  • Specifications
    MaterialsAlloy Steel
    Carbon Steel
    Stainless Steel
    PressesPress sizes range from 30 Tons to 1,000 Tons
    Typical Products
    Cage Nuts
    Custom Stamped Components
    Flag Nuts
    Tapping Plates
    Weld Nuts
    Secondary Operations
    Typical Production Runs
    50,000 to 1,000,000+ pieces
    Quality Assurance
    ISO 9001-2008
    TS 16949-2002 Manufacturing Facilities
    A2LA Certified Mechanical and Chemical Laboratories
    Average Turnaround Time
    Smaller Parts: 1-2 weeks
    Larger Parts: 5-6 weeks
    Applied SoftwareAutoCad
    Preferred Drawing Submission.dwg

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