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P & R Case Studies

German Automotive Customer - Cost Savings Initiative

German Automotive Customer – Cost Savings Initiative

Objective: Provide cost reduction for this German automotive customer by supplying components utilizing a more cost-effective manufacturing process.

The Project: P&R worked closely with this German automotive customer to cost-reduce a bumper support component that had been manufactured by the Screw Machining process. By cold heading the part, P&R was able to improve production efficiencies while lowering overall material costs by reducing scrap, and using a lower grade of material. P&R then worked with the customer’s engineers to perform the necessary testing and validation to confirm that this new part would meet the stringent German safety requirements for this application.

The Results: P&R offered a better quality part, while saving the customer over $100,000 annually.

Electric Motorcycle Start-up - ODM Support

Electric Motorcycle Start-up – ODM Support

Objective: Provide this start-up company with design, engineering and production support to minimize costs, and meet production requirements.

The Project: P&R worked closely with this start-up company who was developing an all-electric motorcycle. Due to P&R’s extensive experience in the automotive industry, and its varied manufacturing capabilities, P&R was able to work closely with this company’s engineers and designers to provide the most cost-effective design. P&R reviewed each component for design for manufacturability, in order to offer the most cost-effective manufacturing processes. In addition, through P&R’s recommendations, the customer was able to reduce labor by eliminating assembly operations through better designs and outsourcing assembly operations to P&R. In addition, P&R offered a wide array of components, from motor covers requiring Class A finishes, to mechanical components such as kick stands, seat supports, and other internal components.

The Results: Due to P&R’s engineering support, and production costs, the customer was able to market the product at a price 30% lower than they had originally planned.